1827 Oxford night caps, a collection of receipts for making various beverages used in the university


~boiling hot among the eggs, the mi~ture will become ·curdled.

BEER FLIP. Beer ilip is made the same way and with the same materials as the preceding, ex– cepting that one quart of strong home– brewed beer is substituted for the wine; a glass of gin is sometimes added, but it is better without it. This beverage is generally given to servants at Christmas, and other bigh festivals of our Churcb. RUMFUSTIAN. ~be yolks of twelve eggs, one quart of strong beer, one bottle of white wine, half a pint of gin, a grated nutmeg, the juice from the peeling of a lemon, a small quantity of cinnamon, and sufficient sugar to sweeten it; prepared precisely in the same way as Rum Booze.

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