1827 Oxford night caps, a collection of receipts for making various beverages used in the university


Recipe. Extract the juice from the peeling of a lemon, and cut the remainder into thin slices; put it into a jug or bowl, and pour on it three half pints of strong home-brewed beer• and a bottle of mountain wine; grate a nutmeg into it; sweeten it to your taste; stir it tilt the sugar is dissolved, and then add three or four slices of bread toasted brown. Let it stand two hours, and then strain it oft" iato the Grace Cup. CIDER CUP, OR COLD TANKARD. Extract the juice from the peeling of one lemon by rubbing loaf sugar on it; cut two lemons into thin slices ; the rind of one lemon cut thin, a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar, and half a pint of brandy. Put the whole into a large jug, mix it well together, c Home-brewed beer is here recommended, as the common brewers too frequently mix with their beer sul· phuric acid, copperas, tobacco, capsicum, cocculus lndicus, coriander seeds, allum, and burnt sugar.

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