1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


GIN PUNCH. The same as Oxford Punch, only omit the rum, braudy, and shrub, and substitute two bottles of gin. RED PUNCH. Substitute port wine for white, and red currant jelly for calves-feet jelly; in other respects the same as Oxford Punch. If drank in the summer, let it stand until it is cold, and then put it into a bucket of ice. Care must be taken that the ice water does not get into the jugĀ· which contairrn this Punch. Extract the juice from the peeling of a lemon, by rubbing loaf sugar on it. Pour one pint of boiling water on it. Add the juice of six lemons, one pint of rum, and a pint of port wine. Sweeten it to your taste, and it is fit for use. PUNCH ROY AL.

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