1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


loaf sugar on it. The juice of six lemons and one Seville orange, one b ottle of capillaire, and a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar. Put the whole into a jug, and when well mixed pour upon it three pints of boiling water. Cover the jug close, and keep it near the fire a quarter of an hour. Then add three ounces of sweet and half an ounce of bitter almonds, blanched and pouuded fine in a mortar, and gradualJ '. mixecl with a bottle of white brandy ., ! · ~t1r it well, and if s ufficientl y sweet it may be used immedi ately . EGG PUNCH. One quart of cold water, the JUICe of six lemon s and six pot oranges, four glasses of calves-feet j elly in a liquid state; s tir th e whole well tog·e th er; let it rema in covered over for ha lf an hour; then strain it through a hair sievP, a nd add to it one bottle of ca_ pillaire, two glasses of sherry, half a pint of brandy, and one bottle of ora nge sltrul l.

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