1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


oranges, and add the juice of four more le– mons and a proportionate quantity of sugar.


The mixture may also be made into Orangeade by omitti1{g the wine, spirits, and lemons, and 2queezing into it the juice of twelve oranges in addition to those men– tioned in the recipe for Egg Punch.

POSSET. From fam'd Barbadoes, on the ";estern main, Fetch sugar, ounces four; fetch sack from Spain A pint ; and from the Eastern Indian coast Nutmeg, the glory of our northern toast; O'er flamin " coals let them together heat, Till the all-~onquering sack dissolve the sweet; O'er such another fire put eggs just ten, New-born from tread of cock and rump of hen; Stir them with steady hand and conscience pricking, To see th' untimely end of ten fin e chick en :

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