1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


CIDER P OSSET. Pound the peeling of a lemon in a mortar, pour on it one quart of fres h drawn cider; sweeten it with double refi ned s ugar, add one gill of brandy, and one qu art of milk from th e cow, s tir it well together, strain it through a fin e hair sieve or a fl ann el bag, th en grate a nutmeg into it, a nd it is fit for use. PERRY P OSSET is prepared in the same way, exceptin g· that p erry is used instead of cider. There are other Possets, which have milk for their basis, in use in di ffe rent parts of the co untry, such , for instance, as T reacle Beer and O ra nge P osset; but as they a re seldom if ever made in O xford, it is not necessary that any thing furth er should be said of them.

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