1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


it, stalk downwards. Then pnt the jug con– taining this liquor into a tu.b of ice, and when it has remai ned there one hour it is fit fur use. The balm and borage should be fresh gathered.

P ER.RY CUP. Merely substitute perry for cider.

dent." Evcly11's Acetaria, p. 13. " Boragc is one of the four cordial flowers ; it comforts the heart, cheers melancholy, and revives the fainting spirits." Salmon'• l/o1t;t/iold C11mpa11io11, London, 1710. "llorage has the credit of heing a great cordial ; throwing it into cold wine is better than all the medicinal preparations." Sir John Hill, M.D. '• The leaves, flowers, and seed of boragc, all or any of them, arc good to expel pensiveness and melancholy. " The E11"/i;/i Ph .,sicia11. " B:im is ve;y good to help digestion and open obstruc. lions of the brain, and hath so much purging quality in it, as to expel those melancholy vapours from the spirits an<} blood which are in the heart and arteries, although it cannot do so in other parts of the boc.ly." Ibid.

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