1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


METHEGLIN. Non Vitis, sed Apis succum tibi mitto bibendum, Quern Jegimus Bardos olim potasse Britannos.

Qualibet in bacca Vitis IVIegt

The juice of Bees, not Bacchus, here behold, Which British Bards were wont to quaff of old ; The berries of the grape with Furies swell , Bu t in the honeycomb the Graces dwell. Howell. Mctheglin is probably derived from the Welch Meodyg·lyn, a medical drink and was once th e natural beverage of a 1 0-reat . "' part of tlus country, and according to some authors is the Hyrlrornel • of the ancients. f{owell ", in one of his familiar letters, 011 a In fevers, the aliments prescribed by Hippocrates were ptisans and cream of barley, hydJ"omel, that is, honey and water, where there was no tendency to delirium . Arbuthuot. b James Howell, Clerk of the Privy Council in l640, and sometime Fellow of J esus College in this University.

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