1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


Metheg-lin is usually d ivided iuto the Simple a ud the Vinous. Simple Methegliu is that which has not been fermented, and the Viuous is that which has obtained a spirit by fermentation . VINO US METHEGLIN. Take as much uew honey separated from tho comb which, when well mixed with water, will be of such a consistency as t o bear an egg; boil this liq uor for oae hour; let it s tand covered up till t he next mornin n- ~· a nd, if it is then quite cold , put it into a cask. To every fifteen gallon s add pulverized ginger, iuace, c i11namo11, and c loves, of each an ounce. To promote fermentation, put into the bung– hole two ta ble-spoousful of yeast. When it has done working stop it up, and in a rnonth or six week s it will be in a tit state to be drawn off into bottles .

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