1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


bottle it off, a nd d eposit it in a cellar of cool t e mpe rature. Some prefer it witho ut the spices, others without lemons. To each gallon of wate r acid four p ounds o f the whitest, purest, a nd best tasted honey, a nd the peelin g of two lemons ; boil it ha lf an h our. Scum it wi1en cold. Put it into a. cask, a dd some yeast to it; when it has done fermenting, stop the cask up c lose, and a t the expiration of eig ht 1nonths bottle it off. If this liquor is properl y kept, the t aste of th e h oney will go off, a nd it will resemble 'fokay both in s trength and flavo ur.


llAXTF.1:, 1'111x·n:1:, oxrono.

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