1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


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When e'en a bowl of punch we make, }'our striking opposites we take; The strong, the small, the sharp, the sweet, Together mix'd, most kindly meet; And when they happily unite, The bowl is pregnant with delight.

The liquor called Punclt has become so truly Eng·Iish, it is often supposed to be i 11 _ digenous to this country, though its name at least is oriental. The Persian p1mj, or San– scrit panclia, i. e. five, is the etymon of its title, and denotes the number of ingredients of which it is compo~ed. Addison's fo:i:– ltunter, who testified so much surprise wheu he found, that of the materi a ls of which thi s " truly English" beverage was made, only the water belonged to Eng·Ia.nd, would hav e

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