1862 Bar Tender's Guide price $1.50 by Jerry Thomas



in woll-coi'lccd demijohns and labelled. Clean spirit, or rectified whiskey, alcohol of 95 j^er cent.; sugar coloiing for brandies, rum,etc.; tincture ofturmeric,for essence of peppermint; tincture of cochineal for red cordials. All other colors prepared when wanted. Flavoring essences can be prepared in some larger quantity when wanted,and put up in bottles, labelled for further use. Fruit syrups, such as raspbeny, strawberry, etc., ai'e prepared in summer; others, such as orgeat,gum,sarsapa- rilla, etc., at any season. In preparing the following work, the author has had in view brevity and utility. He believes that such a Manual is much wanted in the business of distillation, and has spared no pains,which thorough experience and a practical knowledge of the subject could bring to his aid. It con tains four hundred improved recipes of the various prep arations now known,and each one can be readily referred to from the excellent alphabetical arrangements adopted. To the liberal patronage and favorable consideration of his friends and the public at large, he most respectfully submits the result of Ms labors.

NewTork,January 2, 1862.

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