1862 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 1$50.pdf



Morgan'3 Free-Masonry Exposed and Explained. Showing the Origin, His tory, and Nnturo ofMasonry; its Efrccts on'the Govctnmont nnd the Christian Religion; and containing a Key to all the Degrees of Free-Masonry; giving a clear and correct view of tho Manner of Oonforringtho Different Degrees, as prac ticed in all Lodges throughout the Globe. Price $0 25 The Everlasting Fortnne-Teller and Magnetic Dream-Book. Price 0 25 Containing the scioncc of forctcUlng events by tho Signs of tho Zodiac, Lists of Lucky and Unlucky Days, with Presages drawn therefrom; tho science of Foretell ing Events by Cards,Dice, Dominoes, Ac.: the art of Foretelling Future Events by charms, spells, nnd incantations, to bo re sorted to at certain seasons of tlio year,by which dreams, tokens, and other insights into futurity may bo obtained, but more parliciiiarly with regard to Courtship and Marriage. Horse-Taming by a NewMethod, as Practiced by J. S. Jlarcy. A new and improved edition,containing ^Ir. Rarey's whole Secret of Subduing and Breaking Yicious Horses, togetlior wrtli iiis Im proved plan of Managing Young Colts nnd Breaking them to tho Saddle, tho Harness, and tlu) Sulkey—with ten en gravings illustrating the process. Binco Mr.Rarey's great success inEngland and Franco, ho has published in London a coinplcto Manualof IIorsc-Taming on his peculiar system, and over ono hundred thousand copies have been sold, nt half a crown per copy. This new edition of ours is a reprint of tho London Edition, •with all tho Engravings, and is superior to any other bookof tlio kindprinted in America. It contains, also, Jtulcs for Purchasing a GoodHorse, andNewRules for Feeding. Every person who keeps a horse should buy this book. It costs but a trifle, and you will positively findit an excellent giiido in tho management of that noble animal. A handsome book of 64 pages. Price — 0 12 Knowlflon's Farrier and . Complete Horse Doctor. We have printed a new and revised edition of this celebrated book, winch contains Knowlson's famous Recipo for the Cure of Spavin, and other new matter. This now edition is the neatest and most convenient ono that has been issued, being a small-sizedboolc for tho pocket, and containing a full nnd complete index. Thoro is no disease to wbich tho Horse is liable, that tliis book docs not explain and point out tho mode of treatment and tho remedy. Wo sell oar new edition (G4 pages,18mo) at 0 12 How to Talk andDebate; or.Fluency of Speech Attained witliout the Saerifico of Elegance and Sense. Price. 0 12

Richardson'sMonitor ofFree-Masonry A Oompletc Ouido to the various Cere- raonies and routine in Frcc-Mafions* Lih1:;cs, Chnptcrs, Encimpments, Hier archies, Ac.. Ac., in ail the Degrees, ■whether Modern. Ancient, Ineirable, Phi losophical, or Historical. Containing, also, tlio Signs, To!vons, Grips, Pass- words, Decorations, Drapery, Dre.ss, Re galia, and.Iewcls, in eachDegree. Pro fusely illustrated withExplanatory En- graving.s, Plans of the interior of Lodges, &c. By Jabez Richardson, A. M. A book oi 185 pages. Price, in paper cov ers $0 30 Boundand gilt - 0 50 ■\Yo donot hesitate to say that thisbook gives, in the plainest possible language, an understanfiabie description of the ceremo nies inall the Thirty-nine Degrees of Frco- Jilasonry. No one can ever bo pnz'/led in reading it. They •will know precisely and exactly the Mysteries (so-call^) inside a Free-Mason's Lodge, without exaggeration or detraction. Etiquette and the TTsages ofSooie^. Containing the most Approved Rules for Correct Conduct in Social and Fashion ableLife—with Hints to both Gentlemen andLadies on Awkward and VulgarHab- its. Also tlio Etiquette of Love and Courtship, Marriage Etiquette, &c. By H.P."Willis. A book of G4pages,price 0 10 Or^ bound in cloth, with gilt side, and printedon fine paper, suitable for a pre sent to a lady,price. 0 25 Agreat many books have been printed on the subject ofEtiquette and correct be havior in Society, but none of them are sufficiently comprehensive and matter-of- fact to suit thcclass of people who may be called new beginners in fashionable life. This book of Mr. Willis's is entirely differ ent fromothers iir-that respect. It ex plains, in a plain and common-sense way, precisely how to conduct yourselfin every possible position in society. Pettengill's Perfect Fortune-Teller & Drf.am-Book; or, The Art of Discerning Future Events, as practiced by Modern Seers and Astrologers. Being also a Key to tlio Hidden Mysteries of the Middle Ages. Towliich is added. Curious aud Amusing Charms, Invocations, Signs, Ac., Ac. By PELETIAH PETTENGILL, Philom A book of144 pages, Clothback and pasteboard sides, illustrated, price 0 25 TJiis is the most complete work onFor- tunc-Telling andInterpretingDreams ever printed. It is compiled witli great care frnrn autlicntio nutlioritics on Astrology, Georniric^", Cliiroinacy, Necromancy, Spir itual Philosophy, Ac'., Ac., and gives full details of llic manner of making predic tions by means of those sciences. How toManage Children. Price

0 12

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