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The Beason Why:General Science. A careful collcctiou of Eomc thousauds of reasons for things,which, though generally known,are imperfectly understood. A book ofcondensed scientific knowledgeforthe mil lion. By the author of" Inquire "Within." It is a handsome 12mo volume;of 356 pages, printed on fine paper, bound in cloth,^t, andembellished with alargo number of wood cuts,illustrating the various subjects treated of. This work assigns reasonsfor the thou sands ofthings that dally fall under the eye of the intelligent obsciver, and of which ho seeksasimple and clear explanation. Price $L 30 The Biblical Reason Why: A Hasd- BooK Fou Bidlicai- Students,and a Goid-' to Par*'"— °-^"'"»ow>At,«ai]imra._By._tL

Epitome of Braithwaite's Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Snrgrery, containing a conuen.sed summaryofthe most importiint c.ases; their Treatment and all thcllcmedios,and other useful matters cm- braced in the Forty Volumes—the whole being alphabetically classified. By Wai.teu S. WEr.i.s,if.B. I'wo volumes, large 8vo., each volume containing over 900 pages of closclj* printed matter. Substantially bound i^sheep. Price for the set $10 00 The Sociable; or. One Thousand and One Home Aniiiscmenis. Containing Acting Pro verbs,Bramatic Charades, Acting Charades, or Brawing-room Pantomimes,ilusicalBur- Icsqncs, Tableatix Vivants, Parlor Games, Games of Action,Forfeits, Science in Sport "--d-parlor Magie,and n choice collection of unr.T I.ami,inechimiral Puzzles,etc. and ift- T-

thor o illustj back, upon cminc forth edin Savio TOIUU Price



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Let stand until done Eermentinf ^11" 37 to 50 hours. Skim often whi^c fo vessel about wen, co,-k t..ht°"St"s?rnV?™Te"e"£, best whyc\Sre^?o/?L^besT?Ss. c.0.HART,1104 1st Ave., Seattle.

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The DevoutChurchman'st<'oiiipa.Aiv or, A Faithful Oiiitle in.Prayer, Meditation, and the. Reception of Vie Holy Eucharist, Edited by tho Eight Rev.W.II. Oi)F..niieiu- ER,A.M., Bishop of Xew Jersey, author of "■young Churchman Catechised," "Tho True Catholic no Itomanist," etc. Tho merits of this standard work are too well known to need comment. The "Companion" will find a place in tho library and closet of every true "Churchman." 12mo, cloth, beveled boards, and red edges. Price jSl OO The Comer Cupboard; or. Facts for Everybody. By tho author of "Inquire Within," "Tho Reason Why," etc^. Laigo I2mo, 400 pi^es, cloth, gilt sido and'back, il lustrated with over one thousand Engrav ings. Embracing Facts about—I. Things not generally known. II. Things that ought to 1)0 known. III. Things worth knowing. "Wliether in tho parlor or tho kitchen, tho chamber or tho boudoir, at homo or abroad, it may bo very appropriate ly called tho Family'sReady Adviser. Price SI

. • - • - ."S, amu sing stories in l^atu^»^ liisLi,.,, be.sides a thousand things relating to curious trick.s, entertaining sports, pastimes and games. Tho book is worth ten times the price wc ask for it. Price 51 a 5 Ladies' Guide to Crochet. By Mrs. Ann S.. Stephens. Copiously illustrated with original and very choice designs in Crochet, etc., printed in^colors, separato from tho lot- lor press, on tinted paper. Also with num. crous wood-cuts printed with the letter press, explanatory of terms, etc. Oblong, pp. 117, beautifully bound in extra cloth, gilt. This work has the terms in Crochet so clearly es- Slaincd, that any Croehot pattern, however ifficiilt, may bo worked with ease. Price SI 00 Narratives and Adventures of Trav elers in Afirica. Illustrated with num erous fine Engravings, and containing a Map of Africa, on which the routes of Br. Living stone and Dr. Barth are accurately traced. Large 12mo, gilt back. Price... SI 35

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