1871 The Gentleman's Table Guide by E Ricket and C Thomas

The Gentleman's Table Guide.


to prevent the mixture from curdling; then use 2 mugs, pouring the mixture backwards and for wards several times, raising the hand as high as possible. This is excellent for a cold, and from its fleecy appearance it is called a yard of flannel. No. 90.-L0C0M0TIVE. |AKE the yolks of 2 new laid eggs, 1 oz. of honey, 1 wineglass of cura5oa; mix weU together; make a pint of good Burgundy /lot, not boiled; mix well by pouring from one jug to another several times. Serve in a silver cup or ^ claret jug. No. 91.-GUM SYRUP. DISSOLVE 1 lb. of the best white gum melt and clarify it with half pint of cold water, add the gum solution, and boil all together for two minutes. This gumis for cocktails. No. 92.—CORPSE REVIVER. ESE a wineglass. Half wineglass of brandy, half glass of Maraschino, and two dashes of Boker's bitters. No. 93.-ST0NE FENCE. SE a tumbler. One wineglass of whiskey, _ a few dashes of Bourbon or Stoughton ^ bitters, small quantity of shaved ice; fill arabic in 1^ pints of water, nearly boil ing ; 3 lbs. of white sugar or candy;

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