1876 Bar-Tender's Guide by Jerry Thomas

I^pnlar Hooks isant Freo of Posiage at tke Prices aiC?^^ ^ t ^N,^- - Dr. Valentino's Comic Lectures; irr, Jforsels ortcct, and the Allowable Khymcs, and will enable you to ascertain,to a cei-tainty,whether any words can be mated. It is invaluable to any one who desires to court the muses,and is lised by some of the best writers in the countiy. Price 25 cts. Ladies' Guide to Crochet. By Mrs. Ann S. STErnuNs. Coniously illustrated with original and very choice designs in Crochet, etc., minted in. colors separate from the letter-press, on tinted pjiper. Also with numerous wood-cuta, printed with the letter-press, explanatory of terms,etc. Bound in Cxtiu cloth,gut. This is by far the best work on the subject of Crochet ever published. Price <53 Chips from TJncle Sam's Jack Knife. Illustrated -with over one hundred Comical Engravings,and comprising a collection of over five hundred Laughable Stones,Euimy Adventures,Comic Poetiy, Queer Conundrums, Tcrfitic Puns,TVitly Sa> ings,Sublime Jokes,and ScntJinen- tnl Sentences. The whole being a most perfect portfolio for those who love to laugh. Large octavo. Price 25 ctS, Fox's Ethiopian Comicalities, Cont.iining Strange Say- Eccentric Doings,Burlesque Speeches,Laughable Drolleries, Punny ^torlc" inter.spcrsed with Bellncd Wit, JJroad Humor, and Cutting Sar- copied verbatim,as ivcited by the celebrated Ethiopian Comedian. With several Comic lUustrations. Price 12 cta Mind Your Stops. Punctuation made plain, and Compo- ^inn simplified for Readers, Writers and Talkers. This little book is h ten times the price asked for it, and will teach accurately in every +1 inrr from the diction of a friendly letter to tho composition of a learned treatise. Price 12ctS, Hard Words Made Easy. Kulos for Pronunciation and with instructions how to pronounce Prench, Italian, German. Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian,and other foreign names. A capital 12 cts. Bridal Etiquette; A Sensible Guide to the Etiquette and Wibservanccs of tho Marriage Ceremonh^s; containing complete dircctioiiS fbr Bridal Itceoptiona, and tho neoeasary rulesfor briaesmaids,groomfimcu, sending cards, etc. Price 12 Cts« rhe Universal Book of Songs, Conmrising a choice coU lection of 400 now Sentimental,Scotch, Irish, Ethiopian and Comic Songs. i2mo.> cloth,gilt. Price 25 EToW to be Healthy; Being a Complete Guide to Iiong liSfi. By a Hotired Phywoian. Price ct» worU.

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