1876 Bar-Tender's Guide by Jerry Thomas



118. G-in Crasta.

(Uso small bar glass.)

Gin crusta is made like the brandy crusta, using gin in stead ofbrandy.


120. Mulled "Wine without Eggs.

To every pint of wine allow: 1 small tumblerful of water. Sugar and spice to taste.

In making preparations like the above,it is very diiEcult to give the exact proportions of ingredients like sugar and spice, as what quantity might suit one jierson would be to another quite distasteful. BoU the spice in the water until the flavor is extracted, then add the wme and sugar, and bring the whole to the boiling point, then serve with strips of crisp, dry toast, or with biscuits. The spices usually used for mulled wine are cloves, grated nutmeg, and cinnamon or mace. Any kind of wine maybe mulled, but port or claret are those usually selected for the pur pose; and the latter requires a large proportion of sugar. The vessel that the wine is boiled in must be delicately clean.

121. Mulled "Wine with Eggs.

1 quart of wine. 1 pint of water. 1 table-spoonful of allspice, and nutmeg to taste; boil

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