1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



alcohol, 95 per cent,(see No.5), mixed with 5? gallons of water; add 2f ounces of acetic aether. Color brown. (See No.88.) 45. Bitters, Orange. 6 lbs. of orange peel, macerate them for 24 hours wi& • 1 rraUon of water, cut the yeUow part ofthe peul from ofi the white, and chop it fine; macerate with 4f gaUons of alcohol, 95 per cent,for two weeks, or displace (see IMos. 4 and 5);then add a syrup made of 4i gaUorw of water and IG lbs. of sugar. Filter. (See No.3.) 46. Bitters,Spanish. 6 ounces of polypody. 6 do. calamus-root. B d-O. ori'is i*oot. ^ 2J- do. coriander-seed. Ground to coarse powder; macerate with 4| gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent,(see No.5);then add 5^ gallons o water,and ounce of sugar. Filter. Color brown. (See No.SB.) 47. Bitters, Stomach. I lb. of cardamom seed. I do. nutmegs. ^ do grains of Paradise. _ j do. cinnamon. 1 do. centaurium. 3 ao. orange peel. 2 do. German camomile flower.

J do. cloves. ^ do. ginger.

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