1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



proof spirit and 6 lbs. of rectifier's charcoal. Distil over to 50 per cent.; then mix 3 pints ofwhite plain syrup (see No.1), and as much water as to get 10 gallons.

51. Brandy, Blackberry.

}ounce ofcinnamon. J do. cloves. J do. mace. J- do. cardamom.

Ground to a coarse powder; add to 16 lbs. of black berries, mashed, and 5 gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent. Macerate for two weeks (see No.6); press it; then add 10 lbs. ofsugar, dissolved in Sf gallons of water. Filter (see No. 3).

52. Brandy, British..

1 ounce of catechu. ^ drachm of vanilla, finely poAvdered. Add 1 gallon offine good Cognac and 9 gallons ofpure proof spirit. Color pale or dark (see No. 88.)

53. Brandy, Calamus.

^ drachm of oil oflemon. ^ ounce of oil ofcalamus. 5 drops ofon of coriander.

Dissolve in 4J gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent.; then add 6 gallons of Avater, and a gallon white plain syrup(see No. V). Flesh-color with tincture of safiron and cochineal iseo Nos. 91 and 93).

54. Brandy, Carminative,"

11 drachms of oil ofcalamus. 16 drops of oil ofanise-seed, 32 do. do. orange.

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