1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



96. Cordial.

82 drops of oil of cinnamoQ. 24 do. oil of cloves. 24 do. oU of mace. 48 do. oil ofpeppermint

Dissolve in 3 gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent.; add a Bj-Tup made of 42 lbs. of sugar and 4J gallons of water (see No.1). Filter (see No. 3). 97. Cordial, Briglit Pearl. (JsJy-) 2 ounces of candied lemons. 2 do. lemon peel. 3 do. candied ginger. 4 do. raw ginger. Boilfor 20 minutesin 2gallons ofwater,strain it, and add to the strained liquor a jeUy made of the following ingre dients. 4 ounces of currant jelly. 2 do. almonds blanched and broken. 1 do. almond bitter, " " " 2 do." St. John's bread, broken and mashedr, 1 do. conserve of white roses. 1 do. ginger powdered. 1 do. cinnamon " 1 do. mace. ^ pint of lemon juice, 7 gallons of fourth-proof spirit, 2 Aunces ofisinglass dissolved in water; put this togetherin a stone pot well covered;then take6lbs. of Malaga raisins boiled with one gallon of water, and mix with the above; press and filter it through a flannel while hot. 98. Cordial,Caraway. 6 drachms of oil ofcaraway dissolved in 3gallons of alco hol,95 per cent.; add a syrup made of42 lbs. ofsugar and 4f gallons of water, (See No,1). Filter.

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