1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas


5 ounces of caraway-seed 15 oranges, only the yellow rind.

Cut and ground; macerate for 10 days ^rith 4 gallons of alcohol,95 per cent.,and 6 gallons of water(see No.5); distil from off the water 4 gallons of flavored spirit; then add a syrup made of 48 lbs. of sugar boiled for 3 hours with 3 gallons of water,filling up as it evaporates(see No. *l); skim, mix,and filter warm. 239. Huile de Yiolettes. (Violet on.) 48 lbs. of sugar boiled for 3 hours with 3 gallons of water, filling up as it evaporates(see No. V); skim; take fi'om the fire, and add 8 ounces of violet flowers; let it nearly cool,and then add 4 gallons ofalcohol,95 per cent.; strain and filter; color violet with tinctiu-e of indigo and cochineal. (See No.94.) 240. Hydromel Vineux (Metheglin). (Wine Mead.) 16 lbs. ofhoney, dissolved in 9 gallons of water, heated to 84 degrees of Falrrenheit; add J pint of good brewers' yeast, mix this well and put it in a clean 10-gallon keg,fill it to the bung and put it in a warm place; during fermen- tion keep the keg full with the b.alance ofthe liquor. When the fermentation is over keep it well bunged in a cool place. 241. Hypocras a TAngelique. (AngoHoa Hippocras.) 10 ounces of angelicari'oot. 1 ounce of nutTuegs. Ground; macerate for 2 days tvith 9 gallons of claret wine (see No.5); then add 8 lbs. ofsugar in powder,and I gallon of alcohol,95 per cent. FiUer. (See No. 3.) P

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