1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



per cent,(see No.5); add one drachm ofessence ofamber, and dissolve 8 lbs. of powdered sugar in 9 gallons ofclaret winej strain and filter. (See No. 3.) 247. Hypocras a, la Vanille. (Vanilla Hippocras.) 1 ounce of vanilla powdered with 8 lbs. of sugar. Dis eolve them in 9 gallons of claret winej add i gallon oi alcohol, 95 per cent. Filter. 248. Hypocras an Vin d'Absinthe. (Absmtlie Hippo eras.) 21 lbs. of fresh wormwood; macerate for 12 hours in 9 gallons of white wine (see No.5), filter; add to this

40 lemons,the thin yellow rinds only. 40 cedrats. do. do. do. do. 6 ounces of anise-seed. 1 do. cloves.

Ground and cut; macerate the whole with i gallon of alcohol, 95 per cent.; add 8 lbs. ofpowdered sugar; strain and filter. (See No.5.)

249. Hypocras a laViolette. (Violet Hippocras.)

7^ ounces of orris-root. 1 do. cloves.

Ground; macerate for 2 days with 9 gallons of claret wine and ^ gallon of alcohol, 95 jjer cent,(see No.5). Dis solve in it 8 lbs. of powdered sugar; strain, filter; add 40 drops of essence of amber, and 40 drops of essence ol musk- 250. Imperial Nectar.

8 lemons,the yellow rinds only. 10 oranges. do. do. do.

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