1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



filter and fill it in soda-water bottles; add to eacb bottle J drachm of bicarbonate ofsoda in pieces; cork and string.

257. Ijemonade, Plain, in Powder. (For Ten Gallona) f lb. oftai-taric acid in powder. * 16 lbs. ofsugar in powder. IL drachm of oil oflemons. Rub and mix it well. 1 ounce ofthis powder makes a pint oflemonade.

258. Life of Man.

2 drachms ofoil oflemons. 1^ do. oil ofcloves. 27 drops ofoil ofmace.

Dissolve in 3 gallons of alcohol, 96 per cent.; then add 24 lbs. of sugar dissolved in 5l gallons of water; filter; color dark rose. (See No. 93.)

259. Liqnenr a la Cambron.

64 gi-ains of vanilla. 4 ounces ofcinnamon. 4 do. orris-root.

Ground; macerate for 24 hours with 3 gallons of alco hol, 95 per cent.,and 3^ gallons of water (see Ro.5); dis til from off the water 3 gallons of flavored spirit; add 24 lbs. ofsugar dissolved in 5l gallons of water; filter; color red. (See No. 93.)

260. Liqueur des Amis Reunis

8 oimces of orris-root. 1 do. of mjTrh.

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