1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



95 per cent. Filter. (Oneounce oftincture ofSpanish saf fron may do welL)

275. Lovage. 8 gallons of Holland gin are mixed with one gallon ot eyrup,a tinctui-e made of4 lbs. offinely cut celery roots; macerate for 24 hours with one gallon of alcohol, 95 per cent.(seQ Ho. 5); strain,and press the alcohol very well out, and dissolve 6 drachms of oil of cinnamon and 2 drachms of oil ofcaraway-seed; filter. (See Ho. 3.)

276. Macaroni.

4lbs. of bitter almonds. 8 ounces ofcinnamon. 8 do. nutmegs.

Ground; macerate for 24 hours with 8 gallons of alcn hoi,95 per cent.,and 3a gallons of water(see Ho.5). Distil from off the water 3 gallons of flavored spirit, and add 24 lbs. ofsugar, dissolved in 3J gallons of water. Filter. (See Ho.3.)

277. Marasquin de Goings.

48 quinces grated. 1 ounce of peach kernels broken.

Macerate for 24 hours in 31 gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent.,and 3i gallons of water. Distil over 3 gallons of flavored alcohol, and add 7 gallons of the whitest f)lain syrup. (See Ho.7.)

278. Marasqnin de Fraises,

10 lbs. of strawberries made to a pulp; macerate foi 24 hours with 3i gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent., and 3^

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