1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas


6 drachms ofcinnaiDon. Cut, maceratG, and dissolve for 24 hours witli 5 gallons ... of the purest alcohol, 95 per cent,(see No.5); then add "^2 ┬ži3'ins tartaric acid dissolved in 5 gallons of waterj Bolor yellow; filter. (See Nos.3 and 91.)

'286. Oglio di Venere. (oa of Venus.)

lb. ofcardamom.

j- do. graines d'ambrettes. i 4 J do. cinnamon. ^ do. myrrh. 16 oranges, the yeUow rinds of.

Ground; macerate for 24 hours with 3 gallons of alco hol, 95 per cent., and 3l gallons of water (see No.5); dis tilfrom off the water 3 gallons offlavored alcohol; add 24 lbs. of sugar dissolved in 5i gallons of water; sweet oU color; filter. (See No. 3.)

287. Orange Nectar.

1 ounce of oil of neroly. 40 oranges, only the yellow rinds.

Macerate for 8 days in 3 g,allons of alcohol, 95 per cent, (see No.5); add 24 lbs. of sugar dissolved in 5l gallons of water; filter; color yeUow. (See No. 91.)

288. Orangeade. 40 oranges, the linds only, powdered with 10 lbs. ofsugar. 8 gallons of water. Dissolved and mixed together in a boiler or tuU 80 oranges, the juice only.


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