1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



72. Apple Punch. Lay in a china howl slices of apples and lemons alter nately, each layer being thickly strewed with powdered sugar. Pour over the fruit, when the bpwl is halffilled, a ^ bottle of claret; cover, and let it stand six hours. Then pour it through a muslin Bag,and send it up immediately. 73. Ale Punch. A quart of mild ale,a glass of white wine,one ofbrandy, one of capillaire, the juice of a lemon, a roU of the peel pared thin, nutmeg grated on the top, and a bit oftoasted bread. 74. Cider Punch. On the thin rind of half a lemon pour half a pint of sherry; add a quarter of a pound of sugar, the juice of a lemon,a little grated nutmeg,and a bottle of cider; mix. it well, and,if possible, place it in ice. Add, befoi-e sent "in, a glass of brandy, and a few pieces ofcucumber rind. 7£i. Nectar Punch. Infuse the peel of fifteen lemons in a pint and a half of mm for forty-eight hours, add two quarts of cold water with three pints of rum, exclusive of the pint and a half, also the juice ofthe lemons, with two quai'ts ol boiling-hot milk,and one grated nutmeg; pour the milk on the above, and let it stand twenty-four hours,covered close; add two pounds and a half of loaf-sugar; then strain it through a flannel bag till quite fine, and bottle it for use. It is fit to use as soon as bottled.

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