1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



Mix well,ornament with berries in season,and cool with Bhaved ice.

177. Locomotive Put two yolks of eggs into a goblet with an ounce of honey, a bttle essence of cloves, and a liqueui--glass cf Curajoa; add a pint of high Burgundy made hot, wbisb well together, and serve hot in glasses." (A la Prusse.) A favorite beverage, made with claret or port. It is prepared as follows: roast four good-sized bitter oranges till they are of a pale-brown color. Lay them in a tureen, and put over them halfa pound of pounded loaf-sugar,and three glasses of claret; place the cover on the tureen and let it stand till the next day. "When required for use, put the tureen into a pan of boiling water, press the oranges with a spoon,and run the juice through a sieve; then boU the remainder of the bottle of claret, takuig care that it does not burn; add it to the strained juice, and '■•orve it warm in glasses. Port wine'will answer the pu pose as well as claret. "Bishop" is sometimes made inth the above materials, substituting lemons instead of oranges, but this is not often done when claret is used. S. o recipe flo 38, in '■'■TheMaixualfor the Manufacture of \ hrdials, etc.," at the latter part of this work. 179. Bishop. I (Another recipe.) Stick an orange full of cloves, and roast it beft .e a fire. VTlien brown enough, cut it in quarters, and pour ovtr it a quart of hot port wine, add sugar to the taste, let tho mix. ture simmer for iialf an hour. 178. Bishop.

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