1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



203. Gin and Pine.

(Uso wine-glaaa.)

Split a piece of tlie heart of a green pine log into fint gplints, about the size ofa cedar lead-pencil,take 2 ounces of the same and put into a quart decanter, and fill the da canter with gin. Let the pine soak for two hours, and the gin will ha ready to serve.

303. Gin and Tansy.

(Uso wine-glass.)

Fill a quart decanter ifuU of tansy, and pour in gin to fill up the balance i tansy to gin. Serve to customers in a wine-glass.

304. Gin and "Wonnwood.

(Use small bar glass.)

Put three or four sprigs of wormwood into a quart de- canter, and fill up with gin. The above three drinks are not much used except in smah country villages.

305. Scotch Whiskey Skin.

(U6e email bar glass.)

1 wine-glass of Scotch whiskey. 1 piece oflemon peel. Fill the tumbler one-halffull with boiling water.

306., Colnmbia Skin.

(Use email bar glass.)

This is a Boston drink, and is made the same as a whiskey skin.

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