1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



sary to describe the raw materials generally used in mace rating and distilling, Snch a description would only un necessarily enlarge the work,thereby increasing the price, with but little or no advantage to the reader. A well in- fornaed and practical druggist will at once be able to understand, and properly furnish, the articles contained in each recipe. The fij'st to be described arethe ManufacturingInstrU' mentsf for without these nothing can be effected.'The arrangements and preparations of the articles described in this work, do not contemplate an expensive and costly ap paratus,nevertheless the author recommends that the best materials and most substantial instruments should be pro vided, by reason of their durability, and the certainty of obtaining in its iperfection a good iproduct. The mstruments deemed indispensable in the process of distilling are as folloAvs:—first, a furnace; second, two boilers oftinned copper j third,a copper skimmer; fourth, a few filter-bags, filtering-holders, and a percolator; fifth, tubs and pails for various uses; sixth, measures from one gallon to that ofthe smallest; seventh,weights and scales; eighth, areometer; ninth, funnels; tenth, alcohol lamps, with tinned dishes for different colors of bottle wmx; eleventh, a^ork-press and syphon; twelfth, casks, demi johns, bottles. Those who wish to engage in this business on a large scale, would do well to purchase a brass mortar; one of iron would often change the color of the material; one of stone is required for the preparation of syrup of orgeat. Sieves must also be provided for separating the coarse pow dered materials from the fine,and a large knife for cutting and preparing roots, etc., etc., for the powdered state. Necessary Preparations.—There should always be on hand, well clarified white and brown sugar syrups, put up

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