1876 The Bar-Tenders' Guide or How to Mix all kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks by Jerry Thomas

GINGER ^V^NE. 87 bier three parts full of water, and add two tahle-spoonluls of the syrup. Then stir in briskly a small teaspoonful of carbonate of soda, and a very delicious drink will be formed. The color may be improved by adding a very small portion of cochineal to the syrup at the time of boiling. Put twelve pounds ofloaf-sugar and six ounces of pow dered ginger into six gallons of water; let it boil for an hour,then beat up the whites of half a dozen eggs with a whisk,and mix them well with the liquor. "When quite cold put it into a barrel, with six lemons cut into slices, and a cupful of yeast; let it work for three days, then put in the bung. In a week's time you may bottle 'it, and it will ha ready for immediate use. 236. Ginger "Wine.

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