1878 American and other drinks


mSKY, ^ pure and pleasant alcoholic stimulant, always to be relied on, EVERY GALLON BEING GUARANTEED THE SAME. "THK LANCET."—"Remarkaule free from Fusel Oil, wholesome and pleasant.'' "BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL."—"Uemov.al of the Fu.sel Oil is most complete and cITicacious." "MEDICAL TIMES AND GAZETTE."—Very'Pure, Whoi.e- soiiE, and Pi.e.asant, and we can highly commend it as well fitted for Medical use." "MEDICAL PRESS AND CIRCULAR."—"Pure and Whole- SOMF., and uncontaminatcd with the mixtures frequently used to give fictitious age and aroma." "MEDICAL RECORD."—"Must rank foremost as the purest of alcoholic stimulants." "PRACTITIONER."—"May be safely recommended as an alcoholic stimulant." "SANITARY RECORD."—".Such an excellent dietetic stimulant deserves a wide-spread reputation." "PUBLIC HEALTH."—"E.xceptionally pure andfree from Fusel Oil. It tuould befortunatefor the health ofthe commnnityifthis whole some Whisky was in general use." "Thethanksofthe Medical Porfession are due to Messrs.BERNARD ■and CO., Leitii Distillery, Scotland, for producing the ENCORE WHISKY—a Spirit more Wholesome and less irritating than any Spirit extant, being especially useful for Patients suffering from Kidney Disease." "R. W. JONES, F.C.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.E." BERSyARD & 00., LEITH DISTILLERY, SCOTLAND;, Wholesale Defut— THREE CROWN SQUARE, BOROUGH, S.E. St. Tho.mas's Hospital, Albert Embankment, S.E. 2Sth February, 187G.

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