1878 American and other drinks

'THE WEST ROOM is devoted to the- DINNER PARISIEN (Winter season) from 5.30 till 8 P.M.;(Summer season) from 6 till 8.30 i>..\r., at 5s. per head. In order that the style and excellence of this Dinner niay favourably compare with those of the best Restaurants in Paris, the services of an eminent Maitre d'HOtel have been secured, and under his superintendence the Dinners in this Room will be prepared and served entirely a la Francaise. THE GRAND HALL is now occupied by the 3s. 6d. i able d PI6te Dinner, served here daily from 3.30 till 8 P.M. (Winter seasonl, and from 6 till 8.30 P.M.(.Summer season'. Separate tables for parties of two, three, or more. During the season the celebrated Cold Luncheon at 2s. 6d. per head is also served in this Room. EAST ROOM.—Recherche Dinners, from 7s. 5d. upwards, served at separate Tables. This Room is especially adapted fi r Ladies and Gentlemen visiting the Opera or Theatre. THE SOUTH ROOM is admirably adapted for Regimental, hiasonic, and Presentation Dinners. This Room is also available for Masonic Lodges. PRIVATE ROOMS of different sizes, wherein are daily served the most recherche Dinners in London. These rooms are available for First-class Dinners to parties of net less than three. For all information as to terms and arrangements, application should be made to the Manager. THE THEATRE.—Attached to, and forming part of, the Establish ment is the Criterion Theatre, open every evening. The entertain ments are of a light and bright character, supported by the best available talent. NOTE.—No Ladies are admitted to the Buffet after 9 P.M. With this single exception, the Criperion in all the above Departments is opened to and designed for the patronage of Ladies as well as of Gentlemen.



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