1878 American and other drinks




BRANDY PUNCH. Use large tumbler.

One table-spoonful of raspberrysyrup; two tea-spoonfulsofwhite powdered sugar; one wine glass of water; one and a half wine glass of brandy; one and a half small lemons; two slices of orange; one piece of pine-apple. Fill the tumbler with chipped ice, shake well, and dress the top with berries in season. Sip through a straw.


BRANDY PUNCH. For a Party of Ten.

Half gallon of water; one and a half quart of brandy; quarter pint of Jamaica rum ; juice of three large lemons; two oranges sliced; half a pine-apple pared and cut up; half gill of orange Cura^oa; one gill of raspberry syrup. Ice, and add berries in season. Mix the materials well together in a large bowl,and dress with fruits in season according to taste.


MISSOURI PUNCH. Use large tumbler.

One wine glass of brandy ; half a wine glass of Jamaica rum;the same of Bourbon whiskey; the same of water; one and a half table- spoonfid of powdered white sugar ; table-spoonful of lemon juice, fill up with chipped ice. The above must be well shaken; and those who like their draughts "like linked sweetness long drawn opt," should use a straw to sip the nectar through. The top of this punch should be ornamented with small pieces of fruit and berries in season. 4 IRISH WHISKEY PUNCH. This is the genuine Irish beverage. It is generaily made one- third pure whiskey, two-thirds boiling water, in which the sugar has been dissolved, and lemon peel according to taste.

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