1878 American and other drinks



5 SCOTCH WHISKEY—APPOLONIC PUNCH. Steep some thin yellow shavings of lemon peel in the whiskey, which should be pure Islay of the best quality. The sugar should be dissolved in boiling water. Proportions as in Irish Whiskey Punch(No.4). 6 GIN PUNCH, Usi'large iuriblet. One table-spoonful ofraspberry syrup; the same of white sugar; one wine glass of water; one and a half wine glass of gin; half small-sized lemon; two slices of orange. Fill the tumbler with shaved ice, shake well, and ornament the top with berries in season. Sip through a straw. Half pint of old gin ; one gill of Maraschino; the juice of three lemons; the rind of half a lemon ; one quart bottle of German seltzer water. Ice well and sweeten to taste. CHAMPAGNE PUNCH. A quart bottle of Champagne; two ounces ofsugar ; one orange sliced; the juice of a lemon; three slices of pine-apple; one wine glass of raspberry or strawberry syrup. Ornament with fruits in season, and serve in Champagne goblets. This can be made ki any quantity by observing the proportions of the ingredients as given above. Four bottles of Champagne make a gallon, and this is generally sufficient for fifteen persons in a mixed party. 8 J GIN PUNCH. Another.


CLARET PUNCH. Use large tumbler.

One and a half tea-spoonful of sugar; one slice of lemon; two or three slices of orange. Fill the tumbler with chipped ice, and then pour in the claret. Shako well and ornament with fruit in season. Place a straw in the glass.

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