1878 American and other drinks



10 SAUTERNE PUNCH. Use large inmbler. The same as No. 9, but with Sauterne instead of claret. PORT WINE PUNCH. Use large tumbler. The same as No, 9, using port wine instead of claret, and orna ment with berries in season. Use lari'e tumbler. One table-spoonful of sugar; one wine glass of brandy ; one table-spoonful of lemon juice. Fill the tumbler with shaved ice, shake well, ornament with one or two slices of lemon, and flavour with a few drops of Vanilla extract. This is a delicious drink, and should be imbibed through .a glass tube or straw, the former being the better. Four bottles of Champagne; one pint of Jamaica rum ; one pint of brandy; one gill of orange Curagoa; the Juice of four lemons; four pine-apples sliced ; sweeten with a gill of plain syrup. Put the pine-apple, with one pound of sugar, in a bowl, and let them stand until the sugar is well soaked into the pine-apple, then add all the ingredients, except the Champagne; place a large block of ice in the centre of the bowl, then add the Champagne, pouring it into the bowl at the side, so that it may effervesce as little as possible, and ornament with loaf sugar, sliced orange, and fruits in season ; serve in Champagne glasses as soon as made. Pine-apple Punch is sometimes made by adding sliced pine-apple to Brandy Punch. 11 12 VANILLA PUNCH. 13 PINE-APPLE PUNCH. For a Party of Ten.


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