1878 American and other drinks




SARATOGA PUNCH. For a Party ofTwetfty.

Three bottles of Champagne, iced; one bottle of Cognac; sLt oranges; one pine-apple. Slice the oranges and pine-apple in a bowl, pour the Cognac over them, and let them steep for two hours,then add the Champagne,and serve immediately. THE JOSIE PUNCH. One bottle of Islay whiskey; one bottle of Monongahela whiskey; lemon peel,sugar,and boiling water at discretion. IMPERIAL CUP. One bottle of claret; one bottle of soda water; four table- spoonfuls of powdered white sugar; quarter of a teaspoonful of grated nutmeg; one liqueur glass of Maraschino ; about half a pound of ice ; three or four slices of cucumber peel. Put all the ingredients into a bowl or pitcher and mix well. Six lemons,in slices ; half a gallon of brandy; half a gallon of Jamaica rum ; one pound of white sugar ; one and three-quarter quarts of water; one pint of milk. Steep the lemons for twenty- four hours in the brandy and rum, add the sugar, water, and milk, and then, when well mixed,strain through a jelly bag. This punch may be used either hot or cold. Make in proportion for smaller number. 26 27 28 VICTORIA PUNCH. For a Party of Twenty.

29 ROCKY MOUNTAIN PUNCH. For a mixed Party of Twenf.'.

This delicious punch is compounded as follows:—Five bottles of Champagne; one quart of Jamaica rum ; one pint of Maraschino; six lemons,sliced; sugar to taste. Mix the above ingredients in a

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