1878 American and other drinks





Dissolve in two pints of hot tea one pound of sugar, add thereto the juice ofsix lemons,a pint of Arrack, and a pint of port wine.



Dissolve in two pints of hot tea three quarters ofa pound of loaf sugar, having previously rubbed off with a portion of the sugar the peel offour lemons,then add the juice of eight lemons and a pint of Arrack.



One pint of hot green tea ; halfa pint of brandy; half a pint of Jamaica rum ; one wine glass of white Cura^oa; one wine glass of Arrack; thejuice of two limes ; a thin slice of lemon; white sugar to taste ; a gill of warm calPs-foot jelly. To be drunk as hot as possible. This is a composition worthy of a king. The materials being admirably blended; the inebriating effects of the spirits are deadened by the tea, whilst the jelly softens the mixture, and destroys the acrimony of the acid. The whites of two eggs well beaten to a froth may be substituted for the jelly when that is not at hand. If the punch be too strong, add more green tea to taste. CENTURY CLUB PUNCH. Two parts old Santa Cruz rum; one part old Jamaica rum; five parts waterj lemon and sugar aiilib. This is a nice punch. 42


GOTHIC PUNCH. For a Party of Ten.

Four bottles of Kelly Island Catawba ; one bottle ofclaret ; three oranges or one pine-apple ; ten table-spoonfuls of sugar. Let this mixture stand in a very cold place, or in ice,for one hour or more, then add one bottle of Champagne.

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