1878 American and other drinks



44 NORFOLK PUNCH. In twenty quarts of French brandy put the peels of thirty lemons and thirty oranges, pared so thin that not the least of the white is left, infuse for twelve hours; have ready thirty quarts of water that have been boiled but allowed to cool,put to it fifteen pounds of re fined sugar,and when well mixed,pour it upon the brandy and peels, adding thejuice ofthe oranges and oftwenty-four lemons; mix well, then strain through a very fine hair-sieve into a very clean barrel that has held spirits, and put into it two quarts of new milk, stir, and then bung it close. Let it stand six weeks in a warm cellar. Bottle the liquor for use,observing great care that the bottles are perfectly clean and dry, and the corks of the best quality, and well put in. This liquor will keep many years, and improve with age. QUEENS PUNCH Put two ounces of cream of tartar and the juice and parings of two lemons into a stone jar, pour on them seven quarts of boiling water, stir, and cover close. When cold, sweeten with loaf sugar,, and straining it, bottle,and cork tight. Add,when bottling, half a pint of rum to the whole quantity. This is a very pleasant and wholesome liquor. 46 UNCLE TOBY PUNCH (English). " Take two large fresh lemons with rough skins, quite ripe, and some large lumps of refined sugar; rub the sugar over the lemons till it has absorbed all the yellow parts of the skins ; then put into the bowl these lumps,and as much more as the juice of the lemons may be supposed to require,for no certain weight can be mentioned, as the ascidity of the lemon cannot be known till tried, and,therefore, this must be determined by the taste. Then squeeze the lemon juice upon the sugar, and with a bruiser press the sugar and,the juice particularly well together,for a great deal of the richness and fine flavour of the punch depend on this 45

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