1878 American and other drinks


ECG Nogg is a beverage of American origin, and has gained a popularity all over the world. In the South it is almost indispens able at Christmas time,in the East the wise men"imbibe it, in the "West the egotist believes in it, and in the North it is a favourite at all seasons. In Scotland,Egg Nogg is known by the name of "Auld Man's milk."


EGG NOGG. Use large tumbler.

One table-spoonful offine sugar,dissolved with one table-spoonful of cold water; one egg; one wine glass of Cognac; half a wine glass of Santa Cruz rum or Jamaica rum; a quarter of a tumbler of shaved ice, fill up with milk,shake the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed together, and grate a little nutmeg on the top. HOT EGG NOGG. This drink is very popular in England,and is made in precisely the same manner as the cold Egg Nogg above,exceptthat you must use boiling water instead of ice. Three eggs; one pint of brandy; two and a half wine glasses of Santa Cruz rum; two quarts of milk; six ounces of white sugar. Separate the whites of the eggsfrom the yolks,beat them separately with an egg-beater until the yolks are well cut up, and the whites assume a light fleecy appearance. Mix all the ingredients(except the whites of the eggs) in a large punch-bowl, then let the whites float on the top, and ornament with coloured sugars. Cool in a tub of ice, and serve. 57 58 EGG NOGG. For a Party of Ten.

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