1878 American and other drinks





This drink, which Dibdin has immortalised as the favourite beverage of sailors (although we believe they seldom can obtain the opportunity of indulging in it), is made by adding a gill of rum to a quart of beer, or substituting rum and water when malt liquor cannot be procured. The essential in Flips ofall kinds is to produce the smoothness by repeated pouring backwards and forwards from one vessel to another, and beating up the eggs, two or three, well in the first instance. The sweetening and spicing according to taste.



Another way.

Prepare grated ginger and nutmeg with a little fine dried lemon peel rubbed together in a mortar; to make a quart of flip, heat rather more than a pint and a half of ale; beat up three or four eggs with four ounces of moist sugar; a tea-spoonful of grated nutmeg or ginger; and a gill of good old rum or brandy; and when it is nearly boiling, put it into a pitcher and the rum and eggs,• &c., into another. Mix and pour it from one pitcher to the other till it is as smooth as cream.

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