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Use smallinmbler.

One tea-spoonful of sugar; one wine glass of brandy. Fill the tumbler one-third full of hot water; mix, and place a toasted biscuit or pulled bread on top, and grate nutmeg on it. PORT WINE NEGUS. To every pint ofport allow one quart ofboiling water; quarter ofa pound ofloaf sugar; one lemon; grated nutmeg to taste. Put the wine in a jug; rub some lumps of sugar (a quarter of a pound)on the lemon rind until all the yellow part of the skin is absorbed; then squeeze the juice and strain it; add the sugar and lemon juice to the port wine, with the grated nutmeg; pour on the boiling water, cover the jug, and when the beverage has cooled a little, it will be ready for use. Negus may also be made ofsheny or any other sweet wine, but it is more usually made of port. This beverage derives its name from Colonel Negus, who is said to have invented it. 118


PORT WINE NEGUS. (Another.) Use smalltumbler.

One wine glass of port wine; one tea-spoonful ol sugar. Fill tumbler one-third full with hot water. Grated nutmeg on top.

120 SODA NEGUS. A most refreshing and elegant beverage, particularly for those who do not take punch or grog at night:—Put half a pint of port wine, with four lumps of sugar, three cloves, and enough grated nutmeg to cover a shilling, into a saucepan; warm it well, but do not allow it to boil. Pour it into a bowl or jug, and, upon the warm wine, decant a bottle of soda-water. You will have a delicious and effervescing negus by this means.

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