1878 American and other drinks


We have heard of somebody having exclaimed, "Tell me where is Fancy bred." We can now confidently answer that question—in England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, and America; and as a guarantee for our knowledge, we give the following recipes for Fancy Drinks:—


SANTINA'S POUSEE CAFE. Use small Taper Wine Glass.

This delicious drink is made from a recipe by Santina, proprietor of Santina's Saloons, a celebrated French Cafd, in New Orleans.— One-third brandy ; one-third Maraschino ; one-third Curagoa, each to be poured in gently at the side of the glass, so that neither mixes with the other. PARISIAN POUSEE CAFE. Use small Taper Wine Glass, Two-fifths orange Curagoa; two-fifths Kirschenwasser; one-fifth green Chartreuse. Pour into the glass as in No. 121. 122


FAIVRE'S POUSEE CAFE. Use small Taper Wine Glass.

One-third Parisian Pousde Cafd (No. 122); one-third Kirsch- wasser; one-third Curagoa. This celebrated drink is from a recipe of M. Faivx-e, a popular proprietor of a French Saloon in New York

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