1878 American and other drinks




For a Party ofFifteen, Thinly peel the rind of half a lemon,shred it fine,and put it in a punch bowl; add two table-spoonfuls ofcrushed sugar,and thejuice oftwo lemons; the half ofa small cucumber sliced thin with th< peel on. Toss it up several times, then add two bottles ofsoda- water;two bottles ofclaret,orone ofChampagne. Stir well together and serve.



One and a half tea-spoonful of powdered white sugar; halfalime (squeeze outjuice and putthe rind in glass)—one wine glass ofSanta; Cruzrum;halfa tea-spoonful of Curagoa; halfatea-spoonful ofrasp- beiy syrup. Mix well, ornament with berries in season, and cool with chipped ice.



For a Party of Thirty.

One quart of syrup of oranges; one pint Otard brandy ; half a' pint of Maraschino; half a pint of Jamaica rum; two bottles of Champagne; two bottles of soda-water ; six ounces of sugar; four medium sized lemons. Thinly peel the lemons,and place the rind in a bowl with the sugar. Macerate them well for a minute or two in order to extract the flavour from the lemons; next squeeze the juice of the lemons upon this, add two bottles of soda-water, and stir well till the sugar is dissolved ; pour in the syrup of oranges and whip the mixture well with an egg whisk,in order to whiten the composition ; then add the brandy, rum and Maraschino. Strain the whole into a punch bowl and,just before serving,add the cham pagne, whish should be well iced. While adding the champagne stir well with ladle, this will render the Cup creamy and mellow.

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