1878 American and other drinks





Use Wine Glass. Split the heart of a green pine log into fine splints,about the size ofa cedar lead pencil, take two ounces of the same,and put into a quart decanter, and fill the decanter with gin. Let the pine soak for two hours, and the gin will be ready to serve. GIN AND TANSY. Use Wine Glass. Fill a quart decanter one-third full of tansy, and pour in gin to fill up. 156 GIN AND WORMWOOD. Put three or four sprigs of wormwood into a quart decanter, and fill up with gin. 157 SCOTCH WHISKEY SKIN. One wine glass Scotch whiskey; one piece of lemon peel. Fill the tumbler one-halffull with boiling water. 155 One tea-spoonful of sugar; one wine glass ofJamaicarum ; one tea-spoonful of mixed spices ; a piece of butter as large as a chestnut. Fill the tumbler with hot water. STONE FENCE. One wine glass of whiskey(Bourbon); two or three lumpsofice. Fill up the glass with sweet cider. RHINE RELISH. Fill large tumbler half full of Rhine wine,and fill up with soda water. ~ 159 160 158 HOT SPICED RUM. Usesmall tumbler.

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