1878 American and other drinks




PLAIN LEMONADE. From a recipe by the celebrated Soyer.

Cut in very thin slices, three lemons, put them in a basin; add half a pound of sugar(either white or brown); bruise all together. Add a gallon of water, and stir well.


LEMONADE. For Parties.

The rind oftwo lemons; juice of three large lemons; half pound of loaf sugar; one quart boiling water. Rub some of the sugar in lumps on two of the lemons, until they have imbibed all the oil from them,and put it with the remainder of the sugar into a jug; add the lemon juice, and pour over the whole a quart of boiling water. When the sugar is dissolved, strain the lemonade through a piece of muslin, and when cool it will be ready for use. The lemonade will be much improved by having the white of an egg beaten up in it. A little sherry mixed with it also makes this beverage much nicer. ORANGEADE. This- agreeable beverage is made the same way as lemonade, substituting oranges for lemons. 164 Half a wine glass of orgeat syrup ; the juice of half a lemon. Fill the tumbler one-third full of ice,and then fill up with water. Shake well, and ornament with berries in season. 166 DRINK FOR THE DOG DAYS. A bottle of soda-water poured into a large goblet in which a lemon ice has been placed,forms a deliciously cool and refreshing drink, but should be taken with some care, and positively avoided whilst you are very hot. 165 orgeat lemonade. Use large tumbler.

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