1878 American and other drinks




182 KOHINOOR. On the edge ofa large tumbler,break anew laid egg,upon whicb pour aliqueur glass of Benedictine,and a table-spoonful ofraspberry syrup, shake up well with a little ice; having done so, half fill witli champagne; balance with soda water, stirring at the same time with a spoon. Strain thi'ough a fine sieve, look heavenwards and^ drink; "result," bliss. 183 MAGNOLIA(a la Simmons). Beat up two new laid eggs; add one liqueur glass of Curagoay and half a wine glass of old brandy; one table-spoonful of sugar; beat up well, fhen add a pint bottle of champagne, and mix by pouring from one glass to another until it attain a fleecy and soft appearance, and serve in a glass. This will be found a very nutritious'drink, especially when the appetite is bad. 184' GIRARD FLIP. So styled after the famous grotesque dancers of that name,being- their favourite beverage when thoroughly exhausted after their terpsichorean eccentricities. In a tumbler place the yolk of an egg, to this add about a tea-spoonful of noyeau; a dash of cay enne pepper; a half glass of brandy; a gill of ice. Fill up with, new milk,shake well and strain.

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