1878 American and other drinks




The yolk of one egg; small cup of black coffee (k la Criterion); liqueur glass of brandy; sweeten to taste. Shake up well with ice,, and strain. FLIP FLAP. Fill up a sherry wine glass two-thirds full of Maraschino, yellow Chartreuse, Kummel in equal proportions, and one dash of Kir- schenwasser. Having done this, add the white of an egg with a little sugar. Shake or swizzle well in a tumbler and serve in a thin glass. 194 One new-laid egg; liqueur glass of Maraschino; liqueur glass of brandy; Cayenne pepper according to taste; gum syrup. Shake up •well with ice and strain in a cocktail glass. SHERRY BLUSH. To a half glass of sherry add a tea-spoonful of Boker's bitters; the juice of half a lemon; a tea-spoonful of raspberry Noyeau and Vanilla, mix well up with shaved ice, and strain in an ornamented glass—a white glass is preferable, which, if dipped in coloured sugar, will make a pretty appearance. This is a very tasty little drink,and suitable after luncheon. 196 195 HEAP OF COMFORT. Use tumbler.


SODA NOGG. Use large tumbler.

Break on the edge -a new-laid egg; some pine-apple syrup; half a pint of shaved ice; fill up with soda, and imbibe through straws. A small quantity of brandy is a great improvement, according to taste.

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