1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

No. 14.—Whiskey Punch. “ I think I shall drink in pipe-wine first —Merry Wives of Windsor, iii. 3. Take a wineglassful either Scotch or Irish few dashes Calisayine Bitters, and add to hal of hot water, in which a little sugar has b and a slice of lemon placed on top. wanted, use cold water. [Gin and brandy punches may be made way, either hot or cold.] No. 15—Claret Cup. “Good faith, this same young so doth not love me, nor a man cannot make but that’s no marvel—he drinks Henry IV., iv. 3. A wine-glass of brandy, liqueur-glass each Bitters and either Curacoa or M lemon, a few lumps of sugar rubbed on t lemon, two or three slices of cucumbe claret, one bottle of Taunus water, and ice. No. 16.—Champagne Cup “ Go, fetch me a quart of sack : put Merry Wives of Windsor, iii. 5. Wineglassful brandy, two tablespoonfuls one tablespoonful Calisayine Bitters, sp one bottle champagne, one bottle Taunus w


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