1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

YEATMAN’S C AllS A Y COCKTAIL BITTERS. A FEW forms are compiled in this for making drinks of different kinds, some of rican origin. As a rule, we folks of E little of a variety of compounds^ cious beverages, and possess the charm of novel relieving the monotony of the few varied known to all. Nothing so quickly resto vating, to the system fatigued by late hours an dissipation, can be obtained to equal a Cocktail—whe it be of spirit or champagne; and the tonic bracin of the Calisayine Bitters to the wearied nerve is immediately perceptible. is of comparatively recent introduction, and, wh of good tonic bitters, is certainly the prince of ups. As a morning cordial and c appetiser, taken shortly before meals, it is infallib alone this, but it is an aid to digestion. ture of Yeatman’s Calisayine Bitters the choicest s tonic barks are used. The Bitters ar personal supervision of Mr. Yeatman, who for t years has been engaged in the professions and chemist I y. 2

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