1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

jtinued use of bitter beer. And, for mos bitters are too insipid. Fortunately, Messr & Co., of New Bond-street, have introduced a n ter, which, while being so deliciously compounded it may be taken alone as a liqueur, may yet be made basis of a variety of charming drinks, alike gr the palate and beneficial to the stomach pound known as the “Calisayine is styled by its inventor “the prince of pick, and there is no doubt, from the known comp the liquid, that it is so. The basis bark, the most effective and tonic of the Peruvian bar and, so far from injuring the digestion, weakenin stomach, and debilitating the nervous ordinary bitters—the Calisayine not merely assists d tion at the time, but tend to strengthen it for the as well as to give tone to the system generally. Th called “cocktail” bitters, because they are the finest bitte that can be used in the compounding of that most lative of drinks. Nothing so q renovating to the system, fatigued by late hours and sipation, can be obtained to equal a cocktail—whether spirit or champagne ; and the tonic bracin the Calisayine Bitters to the jaded stomach and nerve is immediately perceptible. Me & Co. issue a little brochure containing able receipts of cocktails, cups, pun drinks, in all of which the Calisayine with advantage. We cannot forbear puttin in possession of one of these—a pousse “Stars and Stripes.” and which, if they t thank us for. The instructions are as gently down the side of a liqueur glass, firs of Calisayine bitteis ; then, with the glass slop fully down the side a second part Maraschin a third part brandy. Hold up to stripes ; drink, and you’ll see stars. ”

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